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Performance Psychology

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We love working with individuals and teams looking to achieve their full potential such as:

- The Townsville Fire WNBL basketball team

- Rugby League 

- Tennis


- Cricket

- Soccer

- Cycling

- Weight lifting

- Golf 

- Swimming

- Endurance athletes 

- Boxing

- Volleyball 

- Crossfit 

- Track and Field

- And many more

Find happiness, self belief and achieve your potential  

​Performance Psychology focuses on applying psychological interventions to help individuals to achieve their potential in whatever their performance goals are whether that be in the areas of sports, academic, personal or professional. Performance Psychologists support you to move beyond your inner critic, compete, have fun and unlock your full potential.


By working with your Performance Psychologist, you will learn how to: 

- Access your values and harness them within in your chosen endeavours.  

- Deal with nerves and develop the skills necessary for high performance. 

- Cope with pressure and thrive in challenging environments.

- Activate your motivation and focus in training and during your performance. 

- Plan your performance goals. 

- Reflect and learn from positive and negative results. 

- Activate your growth mindset. 

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